Company history



The family business has just celebrated its 100th birthday! There are now four generations of men who have passed the family business from one to the other, driven by the passion they share: shoes. 

Created in 1905 by the great-grandfather of present leader Christian Monderer, the group has been a family company for four generations. It only really started to expand in the early 1970s, on the impetus of Jean-Claude Monderer, who focused his strategy on brands. 

In 1984, Christian Monderer, the current CEO who represents the fourth generation, developed B2B wholesale activity on different products such as shoes, belts, hats and clothes for the national and international markets. This involved brands such as PEOPLE’SWALK, MONDERER, MONDERER DESIGN, STETSON, FLY LONDON, DILLINGER, HOOKIPA, MACHINE BY BASICO and MISTRAL. 

Boosted by his experience, Christian Monderer soon became a consultant for different groups as regards styles and product choice as well as marketing and commercial strategy, sourcing and design. He became head of the Monderer Group in 2003 and made brand Jean-Claude Monderer evolve into Monderer Design in 2006. 

In 1999, Christian Monderer joined the family company as the General Manager while continuing to run his import business bringing products from the USA, Mexico, Spain, Portugal and Asia to Europe (shoes, boots, belts, hats, fashion accessories, etc.). His arrival enabled the group to expand their business into various other activities such as: distribution (trade), consulting, brand management, licensing, conception and design. 

Today, the Monderer Group has a turnover of around 21 million euros through the activity of sales outlet dealer for shoes in department stores similar points of sale (Printemps, Citadium), retail in their own shops and on their website, in business, brand management and design. 

All the products sold by the group are average or top quality, which demonstrates Monderer’s spirit and culture: an ongoing search for creativity, high quality raw materials, good value for money and a design that is ‘different’.