Taking into account our fully comprehensive experience, acquired and passed on over the generations, we offer many services as part of our core business: footwear and fashion. We support you in the development of your activity (strategy, commercial development, production, brand image, etc.).


Whether for wholesale or retail, we operate across the entire value chain. Especially :

  • for factories
    • Strategic recommendations
    • The collection plan
    • Stylistic, technical development
    • Outsourcing of part of the production
  • for ready-to-wear brands
    • Strategy to be implemented
    • Style search
    • Design
    • Production
  • for specialised fashion houses
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Our manufacturing partners, with whom we have worked faithfully (for over 20 years in the case of some), are located in Italy, Spain, Portugal, India, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Burma.

  • We offer almost all configurations
  • Single rod production
  • Minimum solutions are offered in order to support the brand in its start-up or its development
  • We offer customisation solutions
  • Our expertise supports each project


We provide artistic direction and work with a team of French, Italian and Spanish stylists specialising in footwear or fashion in general. We work with different segments and styles. We can adapt our work in relation to the desired price level and the technical capacities of the target production countries:

  • Artistic direction
  • Stylistic support
  • Preparation of collection plans
  • Specialised stylists
  • Materials search
  • Mock-up and prototype preparation
  • Balancing of designs
  • Fine-tuning of procedure and patronage
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In view of our various activities, we work with a communication agency. We thus offer tailor-made solutions with our experienced and targeted partners. Given the number of brands that we manage and in order to support our partners, we offer a method of operation and associated rates. Among other things, we manage:

  • Implementation and management of social networks
  • Presentation and management of specialised bloggers
  • Search for muses or VIPs to boost identity
  • Press officer service
  • Events during trade fairs or store events
  • Advertising (B2B and B2C) magazine, webzine and social networks
  • Professional press infomercial
  • Pro mailing campaign


In order to meet the challenges related to our clients’ digital transformation, we have joined forces with a digital agency (partner for 10 years) to co-develop solutions dedicated to our businesses.

  • We can take care of the design and development of your websites (showcase site, B2C / B2B ecommerce site) and your web & mobile applications.
  • We manage your digital marketing campaigns (SEO, Ads, social networks, influence, emailing…) to promote the visibility of your brand on the Internet and develop traffic on your sites / applications.
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